Welcome to Fundworx™

We've been thriving for the last 14 years in the membership administration area

Fundworx™ is a product of Southern X Software Solutions. Our software has helped pension fund administrators in Africa to securely manage their members more efficiently. With the advances in technology and the knowledge picked up in the last 14 years, Southern X has now released the new generation product called Fundworx™. Fundworx™ has been built as a full-featured fund membership management system that supports all the activities required by its users while providing companies with a range of business-enabling technologies in one easy-to-use package.

We’ve created an ecosystem of software, support, assistance, knowledge, and customer service to make sure you have everything you need to effectively run your business and address the needs of your members, or as we like to call it a Membership Management System.

Our History 

Fundworx™ is a product of Southern X Software Solutions. Fundworx™ is a member centric administration platform that has been developed as a result of the advances in technology and the knowledge we’ve picked up in the last 12 years.

Our Vision

To enable our clients to offer a sense of community and access to information for their members. Ensuring their members are always informed to understand their long term financial position.

Our Mission 

The mission of Fundworx is to provide a membership administration tool to enable organisations to administrate and manage their members securely and efficiently.

Our Five Year Plan

Fundworx core product is now available in secure and robust API’s ready to be deploy in your cloud environment. Known as Entityworx, we’ve made deployments of our product a lot more accessible the African continent.