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Business Process Management

Fundworx™ Business Process Management

A powerful tool that provides work trails designed to optimise your business processes. Resolving trial and error issues and replaced by a reliable system to enforce implementation.

Fundworx™ BPM Features

Live monitoring

Process owners, managers, and system administrators can monitor live processes to assess where they can make improvements. This means that the efficiency of your procedures is under your constant control, and that the data gathered from their operation becomes a valuable business management tool.

DIY process design

Process managers in your company can design and implement new procedures without waiting for qualified IT personnel to become available. Fundworx provides a design system that trained personnel can use to solve their problems immediately.

Process testing

Fundworx allows you to simulate new processes before implementing them into your live system. You can continue to design, adapt, and test your new process to identify and eliminate problems.

Workflow integration

Integrate Worktrails with Fundworx’s Workflow module to benchmark the performance of your business processes. This means that each client’s Service Level Agreement can be managed via the Workflow module to ensure that all benchmarks and time standards are actively monitored in line with the required segregation of duty matrix within the administration environment.

Multi-facetted design

People work with processes with varying degrees of access to information or activities they are authorised to perform. Worktrails allows you to design processes that contain different screens and options depending on the role of the user activating them.

Risk management

Have the power to minimise risk by analysing problems as they occur and immediately adapt your existing procedures to take them into account.