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Security Of The System

Fundworx™ Authentication

All users have to be setup as a user on Fundworx™. Subsequently, this creates the user number that will be used to track what changes the user made throughout the system. Importantly the login name uses an email address to keep the user unique and for linking with active directory. Above all, the password for the user is stored in the Fundworx™ database and is encrypted.

Fundworx Security Groups

Access to each screen in Fundworx™ is controlled by the security elements. Moreover, the security groups in Fundworx™ are a collection of security elements with each element having their own security setting applied to it. For example, there are 190 different security elements in the Fundworx™ application.

The current settings are:

  • No Access
  • View
  • Edit
  • Add
  • Delete
  • Supervisor

Reports Security

The reports also have their own security which allows only certain reports to be accessed based on the users level of access. Moreover, by default all reports if the User has access, is only viewed on the screen. Subsequently if
the User has the necessary permission. Then they can print the report, or export it in a number of common formats
such as PDF, Excel etc.

Okta Authentication Backend

Each time a new user login into Fundworx™ user will be asked to authenticate themselves. Fundworx works closely with Okta to ensure industry-leading authentication protocols are followed.


Security and audit facilities offered by the Fundworx Administration System provide you with a high degree of user security (password aging and multiple access levels). Meaning, flexibility is retained by using field and data level access and designated security violation overrides.